Inside information: the .Canon gTLD

Dot .Canon to arrive soon at consumer level.

During TRAFFIC 2012 in Ft. Lauderdale, we were able to seek out those involved in the gTLD rollout process, and its advisers.

Although we decided to keep the source of this information private, it is 100% true.

Why would brands such as Canon seek out the registration of gTLDs – in this case, dot .Canon?

A lot of reporting states the following: “Canon will make full use of the new domain name to increase the convenience and effectiveness of its online communications.”

Our source explained it even further: Canon will give its millions of users, the opportunity to own domains under the dot .Canon realm, where they can upload and share photos “in the cloud.”

While the details have not been fully shared yet, this is one step forward. Now, if only ICANN made a decision on the 1,930 pending gTLD applications!

Incidentally, the name “Canon” comes from the Greek “κανών” or “kanon” – which means rule, measuring unit, paradigm, or example.


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6 Responses to “Inside information: the .Canon gTLD”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    let me make a statement…. the new GTLD’s are a bunch of crap and wont make money for anyone except icann and the winner of the lottery. ‘course i could be wrong… i’ve been wrong before. but right or wrong… i’ll still be handsome.

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    RaTHeaD – I won’t be applying for .domaingang either 😀

  3. GTLD Realist says:

    The gTLD train is a one way ticket to disaster.

    Companies will fight, sue and pay dearly for the privledge of offering them only to discover that no one actually cares. No one will want them, no one will see a need for them, and certainly, no one will be willing to pay for them. Oh, and to think that they will need to sell for a premium over .com? yeah, right! Snort snort. The gtld’s will quickly die a painful death just like .mobi and .cat and .aero and .museum and .aero and .biz and .tel and .pro and coming soon, .xxx. All snoozer lozers that no one wants or cares about.

    They show your customers that you are a novice wannabe instead of an actual player in the real game. Who wants to wear that loser label?

    Not sure what makes the applicants think that theirs will do better and justify the absurd costs, but, just like the dude above thinks he’s handsome, beauty and value are in the eyes of the beholder. I just don’t see it. The emporer is both stupid and NAKED!!!!

  4. Frank Michlick says:

    “They could give every Canon camera customer a website and their camera, once it finds a wifi location for you, could upload everything to that domain name – automated transfer of pictures to a personalized website. There are some amazing possibilities here.”

    So I guess Forbes was right with their speculation?

  5. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    GTLD Realist – If you’re saying you can predict the future, please tell me what I will end up eating for dinner tomorrow.

    Frank – Thanks for the link, it seems that they had a very good source as well. PS How’s the Raspberry Pi? 😀

  6. Frank Michlick says:

    @Lucius: Haven’t had a chance to do anything with the Raspberry Pi computer yet, will have to wait until after ICANN.

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