International #domain blogs and forums

Sedo, our premium sponsor, released a list of international blogs and forums focused on the domain industry and domain name investing.

The US is not the center of the universe, so it’s great to see what other publications and forums are out there! πŸ˜€

Here’s the list from Sedo:

  • Domain-recht.deΒ  – German-language blog around the topic of Internet domains, focusing on domain registration, trading, law, events and internet political news
  • – Founded in 2000 under, it used to be the most active and relevant German domain forum
  • – A French forum for domainers, but apparently there’s not much activity on the site currently. Some French domain related groups are now using social media platforms more such as Facebook
  • – A very popular forum among the Dutch domainers but it is private and requires a membership to access the site.
  • – A Korean Domain forum. It has various domain categories and shares information about the domain business in general, including trends such as crypto currencies. Sedo has its own category on this forum to better stay connected with its users.
  • – Domainer forum focused on domain trading
  • –Β  Domainer forum focused on parking
  • – Domainer forum by, focused on domain trading
  • – Domainer forum by, focused on domain trading
  • – Spanish blog with information and news about domains
  • – Spanish domainer forum with a focus on the Latin domain market
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