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Internet divided : A consultant’s great response to the #GDPR clusterphuck

GDPR took effect today, and Eurocrat bureaucrats are celebrating their supposed newly-found Internet freedom.

GDPR data – Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash

The draconian law is creating a divide across the Atlantic, as many businesses located in the US have set up their firewalls to reject or redirect traffic from the European Union.

This measure will become more popular after the first barrage of “data requests” or a lawsuit for alleged data violations per the over-reaching GDPR claims.

For now, an American consultant is flying his anti-GDPR flag high, not mincing his words about what he thinks of GDPR and the “geniuses” behind it:

“GDPR Warning – This site is not intended for use by EU persons or “Persons in the Union” as noted in the GDPR and makes no efforts to comply with the EU legislative overreach in GDPR.

This site’s owner finds the gross extraterritorial judiciary land-grab by the EC offensive and the inconsistency between EU lawmakers representations and statements to the ICANN GAC vs. the GDPR are beyond annoying.

If you are an EU person, your PII may have been collected by the mistake of your visit.

Please leave now to avoid any further trangressions of GDPR. The owner of this site has no intent whatsoever of being an EU data controller or processor.”

Mr. DeLong reports that as of the current date and time, his web site “has not been subject to any warrant and has not released any information.” Whether it’s a tongue-in-cheek statement, or a spicy demonstration of frustration shared with many others, the amount of spam generated by GDPR is massive.

The segmentation of the Internet didn’t need the assistance of Russia, after all. As a non-EU member, Russians can peruse our content unrestricted, while 28 other European countries are blocked.

On a related note, attorney and technocrat Bret Fausett, pointed out that incidents of phishing emails have been reported, targeting those already processing emails about the GDRP. Domain investors should be careful, and not click on such emails without ensuring they are legitimate.

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