Internet Reboot report : Domainers want something for nothing

Domainer attitude.

Domainers want something for nothing, a new study shows.

Expert analysis of the expectations shared by domain investors produced some interesting data, according to the Internet Reboot Institute :

“We’ve come to the conclusion that domainers are a group of professionals with some of the highest expectations, when it comes down to calculating the work effort to revenue ratio,” said Sally Karampelas of the Internet Reboot.

“Most domain investors anticipate to score six to seven figure sales literally in their sleep, and expect everyone else involved, such as brokers, PPC providers and Registries to do all the work,” added Karampelas.

By expecting high sales for their often sub-par domains, investors are hurting themselves and the domain industry. They also badmouth those that work harder than they do, and question their success.

“Domainers are basically lazy individuals that have little to no motivation for doing 8 hours of actual hard work in a given day, sometimes as little as 30 minutes,” said Sally Karampelas, adding: “I suggest that they join the military to gain some discipline and buff up their scrawny physique too.”

With that in mind, popular domain investor publication, DomainSherpa, will soon engage domainers for course enrollment in the armed forces, particularly the US Marine Corps.

If you are a domainer, you need to start sweating a little bit for your own good.

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One Response to “Internet Reboot report : Domainers want something for nothing”
  1. This Sally Karampelas is free to join us.
    Who/what is preventing her?
    Unless she prefers to keep pursuing her current, apparently reward-less activity.

    The world belongs to the smart, not the bitter ones…

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