InterNetX: How European online shops pick their TLDs

Despite a more or less unified economy, Europe‘s diversity still maintains a multi-faced market that plays an important role in the digital scene.

The relationship between e-commerce and domains is strongly intertwined. InterNetX set out to explore the domain names of European online shops by looking at the use of TLDs in this region.

InterNetX obtained and analyzed a dataset of 1,214,610 domain names, which takes a snapshot of the state of the web as of November 2022. These are “real” online shops with offices in Europe, meaning they have a checkout feature allowing users to do online shopping, i.e., put a product in the cart and finalize a payment.

Top-level domains European chosen by online shops:

InterNetX’s analysis shows that there’s a definite pattern emerging for European online shops regarding their domain names.

The domains under .com are prevalent as usual, but when it comes to the TLD category, ccTLDs are far ahead (69.9%). Not surprisingly, if we exclude .com (25.8%), the top 10 of the most-used TLDs in Europe features ccTLDs exclusively, with .de being in second position with a large margin from the rest (15.5%).

Of course, in a region where ccTLDs are going for the most, new gTLDs own a smaller market share (3%). As for online shops in Europe, the Top3 of new gTLDs are as follows: .shop (37.5%), .store (12.5%), .online (8%.).

Would you like to learn more about how European online shops and their domain names?

Check out the InterNetX article titled “An analysis of European online shops and their domain names” written by Simone Catania, Global Content & Communications Manager at InterNetX.

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