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IPO domain sold for – Well, not as much as if it were an IPO!

The domain name IPO.us didn’t fare too well over at NameJet, in a no reserve auction, despite its 12 years of age and strong letter appeal.

The IPO acronym stands for Initial Public Offering; the initial availability of a company’s stock to the stock market.

After receiving 43 bids by 29 bidders, the results of the private auction were most definitely anti-climactic.

The final price was $524 dollars.

This domain would have sold for a few thousand dollars in the early days of dot .us, but the overall use of dot .us domains has remained very low despite a dozen years in existence.

There are, however, some strong entities in the .us TLD, with Music.us being the the driving force behind Constantine Roussos dot .music application.

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