Irresistibly attractive employee fired from Domain Registrar; lands new job at ICM Registry

Maria Ramos at her former employer's offices, during a brief break.

Maria Ramos at her former employer’s offices, during a brief break.

Maria Ramos is 23; her Hispanic heritage is evident in her curvy looks. She’s a graduate of MIT and due to the current bad economy, she works as tech support at an ICANN-accredited registrar.

Or rather, she used to work; as of Monday, Maria will no longer be an employee.

“I was given a note, you know, that said I am far too scandalous, you know – “irresistibly attractive” said that paper. This is bullsh*t, I told my boss to bring it on, pendejo!”

Maria Ramos thinks that the unnamed Registrar was looking for an excuse to fire her, and they are attempting to capitalize on the news of a dentist’s assistant who was fired for being far too attractive.

“They can’t do that, I worked here for three years with a 100% record of satisfaction, you know, from all the customers! I gave it my all, now they tell me that my booty is too much? Well, f*ck you!”

Maria plans to sue, for reverse sexual harassment; the instance whereupon an employee is accused of being sexually inviting, simply for being good looking.

Meanwhile, the ICM Registry has taken an interest in Maria’s plight, inviting her to work for the company, and Maria accepted.

“This is ridiculous, another indication of how prude society in America is,” said ICM Registry CEO, Stuart Lawley. “As  a British expatriate, I fully feel for this young lady’s shocking encounter with her former employer, and no, we won’t be naming them but they are affiliated with local televangelists,” added Lawley.

Maria Ramos will be starting the new year, 2013, with a brand new job at the ICM Registry, showing everyone that good looks are not a disadvantage after all.

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