Is Frank Schilling paying for a seat on the Virgin Galactic shuttle?

Frank Schilling‘s passion for entrepreneurial actions and aviation are well-known. The Uniregistry founder enjoys flying around the world now that the global pandemic numbers are positively affected by the Covid-19 vaccine.

It seems that Frank’s plans to launch his own airline in the Cayman Islands are taking fruition. He plans to transform the surrounding area into a busy hub for travelers with full respect to the environment and wildlife of the Caymans.

But would Frank Schilling pay for a seat aboard the Virgin Galactic shuttle?

Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling

With a net worth estimated in the nine figures USD, Frank can definitely afford it.

A trip to the edge of space cost approximately $250,000 dollars but that price was reserved for the elite few. More than 600 wealthy individuals with a passion for space have already signed up, and now the price will be going up.

So far, Frank Schilling hasn’t shared any such intention to take a suborbital trip, thus becoming a domainer astronaut, but this might change in the future, once his other ventures plant a foot firmly on the Cayman Island ground.

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