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Is Michael Cohen a “fake witness” ? The #Domain King believes so!

Michael Cohen gave testimony with a political impact, about his former client, president Donald Trump.

There is no doubt that the disgraced former lawyer lacks ethics and has lied in the past, but at which point did he start telling the truth?

Facing jail time, Michael Cohen was dismissed by several conservative news outlets as being a “fake witness.

In the era of fake news, this is hardly a shocking statement.

Rick Schwartz‘s passion with political domain registrations isn’t news either; the Domain King is a collector of domain assets, as much as an investor.

Rick’s latest hand registration of the domain name FakeWitness.com proves that he follows the Michael Cohen case, and politics in general, very closely! 😀

Would you have registered that domain?

Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling at the Caymans.

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