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Is Starbase.com the next big domain sale?

Elon Musk’s Mars Oasis project wants to colonize the red planet in the near future; a new trademark for STARBASE has been filed.

The mark’s particulars: Launch services, namely, launching the payloads of others into space, with an intend to use clause. The applicant is Delaware based Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

That’s SpaceX to you!

Starbase : New trademark application by SpaceX (photo credit.)

Strangely, a beer brewer filing as “Mars Oasis, Inc.” has applied for the same mark, on the same day, but for beer. The same applicant has filed a trademark application for STARHOPPER, using the name Boca Chica Brewing.

As is, Starhopper.com is up for sale on Sedo with a $4,500 dollar price tag from its Korean registrant.

Meanwhile, the domain Starbase.com has a historic path across several major IT tech companies.

Registered in 1996, Starbase.com is in the possession of UK IT tech giant, Microfocus. The company swallowed Hewlett Packard Enterprise for $8.8 billion dollars in 2017.

Microfocus acquired Starbase in 2009, by acquiring Borland. In turn, Borland had acquired design tool publisher Starbase, makers of the StarTeam configuration management tool in late 2002.

So the question is, will Elon Musk and his Space Exploration Technologies corporation buy the currently unused domain name Starbase.com in cash or stock?

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One Response to “Is Starbase.com the next big domain sale?”
  1. Jack says:

    They could also settle on the .org, given it’s a community etc. But I can see them using the .com for promotional or touristy things.

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