It doesn’t have to suck: ICANN allows less expensive dot .BLOWS to launch


Fadi Chehade and the dot .Sucks versus dot .Blows dilemma.

After a massive number of complaints were lodged against the allegedly pro-consumer gTLD dot .SUCKS, ICANN, the governing authority of domain names is taking a different approach.

“Indeed, paying $2,000 dollars to protect one’s brand amounts to highway robbery, and we’re going to fix that,” said the ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé.

“Why deal with the headache of numerous potential lawsuits, that’s not what the multi-steakholder model is all about, let me clarify that!” exclaimed Chehadé.

ICANN is now preparing for the launch of brand-friendly gTLD, dot .BLOWS, which will be costing only $9.99 to the end-users and brand owners alike.

There will be no Sunrise period, and anyone willing to register a trademark with a “.BLOWS” suffix will be permitted to do so.

“We are making consumer advocacy and brand protection affordable, there is no question about that,” said Fadi Chehadé, adding: “For less than $10 I will definitely get ICANN.BLOWS before some cybersquatter grabs it!”

Dot .BLOWS is operated by Pox Anguli LLC, a company formed in Cyprus last year; there is absolutely no connection to the Cayman Islands.

Would you register a dot .BLOWS domain for $9.99 ?


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