It looks like Media Options owns the premium #domain name

A month ago, we noted how the domain would soon be making headlines.

As a matter of fact, we raised our concerns about NamesCon 2020 taking place in late January, again using the word “pandemic” as a cautionary reference.

At the time, some domain investors laughed and downplayed our concerns. Others, such as Drew Rosener and George Hong, canceled their trip to NamesCon 2020 in Austin, Texas.

On March 11th, the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a pandemic.

It seems that this premium domain name is in the possession of Media Options, a Malta based corporation.

The domain was parked at Sedo with a $99,000 dollar minimum asking price, but it’s now forwarding to

Which makes sense, as the elite domain trading platform was created and is being operated by Media Options since 2013. is clearly a top tier domain that purely as a generic medical term, is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In this new reality, it’s probably worth substantially more. is up for sale

The following “pandemic domains” are registered:

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