It’s captcha time : Uniregistry adds math challenge to contact forms


Looks like Uniregistry is tired of spam offers from spambots, and they are responding in kind.

Domains parked at Domain Name Sales with a Contact Form instead of the usual PPC ad page, will now get an improved contact form that contains a captcha.

The challenge is mathematical: a pair of additions or subtractions of small numbers, as seen in the screenshot below, which asks for the result of 68 + 3 – 9 to be input in the box.

The “Skill Test” prompt is not that clear, however, and it displays differently in Firefox and Chrome.

Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.

Overall, the addition of a captcha should eliminate spam but it might reduce legitimate inquiries as well, if the prompt isn’t clear enough.


Domain Name Sales lander with math captcha.

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