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It’s Paddy, not Patty : The Irish domainers have had it!


We love the Irish for their stubbornness, exquisite beer, and redheaded, fair-skinned lasses.

So what about St. Patty’s Day?

Enough with the stereotypes already, and that’s exactly what one domainer thought, seeking to clarify once and for all that it’s not, never, ever “St. Patty.”

Rolling out the web site Paddy Not Patty makes a clear statement, and the web site PaddyNotPatty.com is already at the very top results in Google, when searching for either “St Patty” or “St Paddy.”


Our most sincere apologies to the dozens of Irish friends that were clearly bemused, but never said a bad word back to us, when we made references to “St. Patty”.

Then again, they were always drunk with ale, aye? 😀

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One Response to “It’s Paddy, not Patty : The Irish domainers have had it!”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    very prolific today. and it’s good to see another domainer that drinks as much as me.

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