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JamesCon : “They made me do it,” says Morfopoulos

NamesCon wonder boy, James Morfopoulos, isn’t happy; today’s revelations of a new domain conference he co-launches with himself, have shaken the domain industry.

According to the report, Morfopoulos is launching JamesCon, a new domain conference bearing his name.

But there are some dirty details we uncovered.

According to Morfopoulos, the news was released “at knife point” and although the instrument was definitely plastic, it was still a forceful compliance.

“If you have a large birthday cake knife close to your privates, you’d comply too,” said Morfopoulos, shaking his head.

“As much as I love pranks, I’m very partial to my family jewels, and the NamesCon guys crossed the line with this one,” he added, pulling his zipper up.

NamesCon’s transformation into JamesCon is not going to last long; according to our sources, in 24 hours every trace of JamesCon will vanish.

Both Richard and Jothan declined to comment about the incident, citing corporate allegiance. They also ate the remaining cake, hiding the evidence.

Our sincere sympathy goes to James Morfopoulos for having to suffer like this. Shame on you, Jothan and Richard! 🙁

JamesCon 2017 - the details are out.

JamesCon 2017 – the details are out.

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