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January 1st and the “birthday paradox” : Why so many domainers celebrate today?

Birthdays on January 1st are a common phenomenon. Or are they?

January 1st is not just the beginning of the year, it’s also the date most shared among domain investors as a day of celebration.

If one takes a look on their social media friends, for example on Facebook, they will notice that January 1st is an unusually busy day for birthdays.

We found no fewer than 8 friends that celebrate their birthday today.

Statistically, even from a large group of people in a room, such as as a random party of 75 people, two of them share the same birthday – as far as day and month goes.

Why so many domainers celebrate their birthday today, January 1st, 2017 ?

The answer is very simple: it’s not their real birthday.

Many people, domainers included, fill out a form with “January 1st” as the most common date, when they do not want to disclose their exact birthday. It’s both memorable and close enough to the real date, as long as the year is accurate.

Don’t just rush off wishing someone a “Happy Birthday” today, chances are that they were born later this year.

With sincere apologies to the few of you that indeed were born on January 1st! 😀


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  1. Join Domains says:

    Hey it’s my butler’s birthday !

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