JB .com : Two letter .com #domain sold to #Chinese buyer

LL .com domains are popular in China.

The premium two letter domain, JB.com, has been sold, and the new owner is from China – not Justin Bieber!

Registered in 1995, JB.com was in the possession of Domain Capital until recently; it currently moved under the control of Guta.com. The company is an active domain broker in China, operated by domain investor, George Hong.

This might indicate that the domain was acquired on behalf of a Chinese buyer, and Guta.com is acting as the broker.

Domain investor, George Kirikos, who monitors the ratio of LL .com domains under Chinese ownership, broke the news, providing additional statistics for the two letter .com range of domains:

“By my count, registrants from China now own 174 of the 676 elite 2-letter .com domain names (25.7%), while USA 🇺🇸registrants own 336 (49.7%).”

J&B is a popular whiskey brand, if that matters, produced by Justerini & Brooks in the UK.

The market for LL .com domains remains strong, although average prices have dropped in recent months.

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