might become available after Spanish startup calls it quits

If your name is Jeff or Jeffrey even, the domain might be coming on the chopping block soon.

Spanish startup “Mr Jeff” formed in 2015 and acquired the domain at a later time (2021) from a guy named—you guessed it—Jeff.

The company made money but eventually ran out of cash. In mid May, the company filed for bankruptcy in Valencia, Spain, after a Series C round of financial infusion failed to deliver 45 million euro. Another debt-erasing payment of 45 million euro did not arrive, thus depriving of financial resources; its employees have not paid since September of 2022 and there’s a pending lawsuit on their behalf.

Which means one thing: the domain name might become an asset to sell during the liquidation process, overseen by specialist law firm PKF Attest.

Registered in 1995, the domain will thus become the last reminder of the brand’s meteoric rise.

News kudos: Dommunity.

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