Juan Diego Calle: The little known secret about the sale of .CO for $109 million dollars

Juan Diego Calle, founder and CEO of .CO Internet SAS, is a serial entrepreneur that founded the company in 2009, in partnership with Neustar.

The recent news of the .CO Internet SAS acquisition by Neustar for $109 million dollars, left many seeking the secret of the company’s success.


“Some think that it was a lucky strike, or a moment of weakness but I can assure you, it was planned all along,” said Juan Diego Calle, lighting a cigar at his office in Miami, Florida.

“Very few could guess the secret of our success and why this deal went through, and even I am shocked at times, thinking about it,” added Calle, smiling.

In 2009, before .CO Internet SAS launched, the idea was to incorporate the image of coffee beans – a well-known export of Colombia – against a golden brown backdrop.

That concept was dropped after three days and nights of deliberation, and the familiar orange design was chosen instead.

“Everybody loves our logo, our colors and our approach to life,” said Juan Diego Calle. “Orange is bright, beautiful, sunny and invigorating. We owe this sale to this beautiful creation and ¡Dios mío! I’m so glad I turned down that coffee bean design, back in 2009!” exclaimed Calle, silently praying.

In business, one needs to understand the traits, qualities and mood of orange. To begin with, it is a warm, vibrant and flamboyant color. It is energy combined with fun, and represents the color of the risk-taker, the extrovert and the uninhibited. In color psychology it represents adventure, optimism, self-confidence and sociability.

A job well done, Juan Diego.

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