Julian Assange hints of Wikileaks cable(s) on the Moniker employee scandal


Julian Assange

In a recent interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assangeowner of the domain name, IQ.org – there are hints of an existing series of cables related to the so-called “Moniker employee scandal“.

We had coffee with Julian Assange at a local Starbucks – here’s the unedited conversation that followed:

DomainGang: So Julian, after your focus on political and financial scandals, what’s next, domaining?

J. Assange: Correct. There is so much dirt in domaining that I believe I can unveil it via Wikileaks.

DomainGang: Interesting thought. But it’s a small industry, so why bother?

J. Assange: Well, as they say, a small bug can produce a painful bite so I’m sure there are several scandals waiting to be exposed.

DomainGang: Are you talking about the Hank Alvarez scandal?

J. Assange: No, that was a year ago. I’m talking about recent events that haven’t been resolved yet.

DomainGang: Give us a hint please!

J. Assange: Rick Schwartz already blogged about it. I love the guy, his fury and passion. But he didn’t reveal the name, so I call that “steam” and not true smoke.

DomainGang: He planted the seed though, or you and I wouldn’t be talking right now, Julian!

J. Assange: True. However, what’s good to simply offer hints and not disclose the full name of the instigator? On Wikileaks we offer full disclosure of facts. We simply don’t disclose the source of information to protect the innocent.

DomainGang: I see. So are you saying Rick Schwartz needs an anonymous platform to safely release what he already knows?

J. Assange: Look. When I formed Wikileaks I didn’t call it “Julian’s Blog”, are you with me? So yes, Rick’s unveiling of the scandal but not of who did it was like tossing a pebble in the ocean and expecting it to cause some big waves.

DomainGang: I love that example. So what does one do, get a big rock or toss the pebble in a smaller pond?

J. Assange: Neither. You simply have to disclose everything, the information as a whole – not just parts of it. If you’re aware of the who’s and when’s and the why’s then you have to post it all, no holding back the crucial info. The people – domainers in this case – deserve to know.

DomainGang: Any hints about who did it? I’m sure you have received several domain industry “cables” by now!

J. Assange: I go for the exclusivity, so what good would that do? The name has already been mentioned several times, just look at the comments of the Rick Schwartz post made by others.

DomainGang: Will do. And what about punishing the perpetrator, are you up for it?

J. Assange: I’m not a punisher or a vigilante, that’s Law’s task. I simply crack the eggshell open, it’s your job to make an omelet with it.

DomainGang: True! Thanks for the conversation, Julian. Any advice to our readers?

J. Assange: Keep domaining, keep it clean. Be honest and maintain an ethical approach to business. Or risk being outed on Wikileaks.

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2 Responses to “Julian Assange hints of Wikileaks cable(s) on the Moniker employee scandal”
  1. Every single fricken time I read your site I’m like, “Whoa…I need to tell our readers about this!” — until I realize it’s for entertainment.

    Today’s post was no exception. Fantastic, original, entertaining. Well done.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Michael – Entertainment is often achieved via parody, the art of telling the truth via the amplification of reality. Also, here’s a pointer for you.

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