Just married! Morgan and Daina in Malibu – First photo!

Morgan Linton and his beloved Daina were married earlier today, in Malibu, California; a beautiful wedding that was broadcasted live on the Morgan Linton TV Network.

The lovely couple was eulogized by Father Domainicus, who stated:

“Dearly beloved, I join the lives of two people in holy matrimony and by the powers bestowed upon me by our Domain Lord, I now pronounce Morgan and Daina husband and wife.”

The groom then kissed the bride – the first picture from the ceremony can be seen below.

Congratulations to the lovely couple and our best wishes for a life covered in rose petals and success! 😀

Morgan and Daina are now married!

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2 Responses to “Just married! Morgan and Daina in Malibu – First photo!”
  1. BullS says:

    I love DomainGang and will throw my body to protect DG from all the assaults from D.Shame.

    I wish their marriage will last long and no dicker quarrels like DG and DS

  2. BullS says:

    Can I invite Father Domainicus to my circumcision ceremony?

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