Kang Hoon and $22,600,000 in vaulted tsunami money

Scammers want your money.

The email scams about inheritances or money supposedly inherited but locked in some third world country vault aren’t new.

The so-called “419 scam” preys on the greed of its victims, often succeeding in leeching thousands of dollars from them.

We received an email attempting to capitalize on the March 11, 2011 tsunami that devastated Fukushima, Japan.

The scam email even provides a link to a Huffington Post article that demonstrates where the lost capital has been stored at.

From: “Mr. Kang Hoon”< mrkanghoon11@hotmail.com>


Good day, how are you today hope healthy? Please my English speaking is not very good, but I can write better than to speak.
I am Mr Kang Hoon, From Republic of Korea writing from Home Center Kohnan, Koto Fukagawa (Tokyo) Japan.
I worked as the general caretaker to Mr.Masamichi Kazama, late Mr. Kazama, his a banker and real estate developer living in Fukushima Japan but died during the tsunami disaster (earthquake) in Fukushima Japan, I am the closes person that work with late Mr. Masamichi Kazama before his death.

Mr. Masamichi Kazama have a safe deposit fund of US$22,600,000.00 with a private vault house abroad and which I have the original certificate of deposit with me for the claims, all I need from you is to contact the private vault house abroad with prove of the certificate of deposit for the released of the safe deposit in your favor. We share 60% for you and 40% for me if you are interested contact me with my private email for more details (infomrkanghoon@yahoo.com.hk )

Read more about lost of life’s, peoples relatives lost businesses, huge amount of money, properties and many more on the link below


I am waiting to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Kang Hoon
Tokyo – Japan.

As far as we are concerned, those scammers that prey on human loss and mass disaster should be locked up in the darkest and coldest prison on earth.

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