Kau.com : Was this six figure domain auction win a fake?

When the auction for Kau.com ended, the youngest three letter .com in the world had a new owner : the person who bid $100,350 dollars at DropCatch.

Several days later, there is no WHOIS change for the domain Kau.com, that was last updated on October 25. The auction itself ended at 3:00 PM Eastern on October 28, and the buyer must submit payment within 4 days, according to the DropCatch FAQ.

The DropCatch auction system gives the winning bidder four days after the close of the auction (and attempts to process payment at least once a day). If payment is not completed, the winner’s DropCatch.com account will be suspended for non-payment (backorders and other bids are cancelled as well) and the domain is put back up for auction.

Today is the 5th day since the end of the auction, but only the 3rd weekday. So far, there is no change to the lander for Kau.com that still displays the message the domain was auctioned off.

Was the high bid fake, thus leading to a repeat of the auction?

One cannot simply send $100k via PayPal or credit card, and the only viable payment option is a bank wire, which might take several days. We should know the outcome by Wednesday, or even by tomorrow.

If no payment is made, DropCatch will relist the domain Kau.com.

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