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Kellogg : Chef Patrick appears in new Poptarts commercial !


There’s no stopping “Chef” Patrick Ruddell these days; the reformed domainer who shed a ton of unnecessary weight on his way to success, has been focusing on healthy eating.

A small distraction from the Chefster’s dedication to quality nutrition has to be his only vice: Poptarts.

“I consume between 10 and 12 poptarts a day, they offer great crunchiness and a kick to get me going through my busy day as a coach, father, husband and occasional domainer,” said Patrick Ruddel, adding:

Working out and planning ahead can be so more productive while chewing on a lightly toasted poptart, my favorite are the strawberry filled ones with sugar sparkles.”

Chef Patrick’s ‘obsession’ with poptarts caught the attention of Kellogg, who have selected him for their “100% Dedicated Consumer” of the month for May; a matching commercial will be aired at the end of the month on prime time TV.

“I am honored and excited to receive this title, and looking forward to the supply of free poptarts for the next 12 months!” exclaimed Patrick Ruddell.

Congratulations Patrick for this great award and recognition of your dedication to a quality brand.

Kellog naturally owns Poptarts.com.


Chef Patrick and his poptarts.

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