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Kevin Spacey domains becoming unpopular with cybersquatters

The ongoing scandal surrounding the disgraced actor, Kevin Spacey, has created shock waves in Hollywood.

Film director, Ridley Scott, has replaced the actor in the movie “All the money in the world,” despite it being at post-production stage; the scenes with Kevin Spacey will be re-shot with legendary actor, Christopher Plummer.

Meanwhile, domain investors that register popular actor and actress domain names, attempting to attract fan traffic and reap PPC revenue, are up in arms.

“I’m going to drop my 3 Kevin Spacey domains, and I will no longer email his agent once or twice a month to have them acquired for a reasonable fee,” said K.L., a domain investor from California.

“It’s one thing when the actor gets raving reviews, and totally not worth it when their name is dragged through the mud,” added K.L., visibly dejected.

Kevin Spacey’s own web domain, KevinSpacey.com, was cybersquatted upon, forcing the Hollywood actor and Oscar winner to file a UDRP, which he won in 2002.

“We expect fewer Kevin Spacey domains to be registered, versus more,” said GoDaddy domain data analyst, Stevan Ray Casey, adding: “Domainers are getting smarter these days, such domains are toxic and have absolutely no resale value whatsoever! Registering Justin Bieber domains is ok, for now.”

If you have a Kevin Spacey domain, your best bet is to delete it now, before its toxicity burns a hole through your pocket, and your conscience.

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