Kids at work: Homeschooling #domainers tap into extraordinary resources

Domain investors have been adjusting to the Covid-19 pandemic in a variety of effective ways: more powerful computer rigs, beefy wi-fi routers, along with large shipments of cheap wine.

In these testing times, investing in domains has become a shared task, for those that are experiencing their beloved offspring getting home-schooled by tele-teachers.

The problem is twofold: sharing office space with cranky toddlers and unruly teenagers, with the latter playing Valorant during Geometry class and sucking up your domain auction bandwidth.

But there’s no problem domainers can’t fix, and a new concept is in the works: tapping into the extraordinary resources of kids that stay at home.

“I told my son if he wants to take 2 extra breaks from Essay Writing, faking his network issues, he has to help me monitor the GoDaddy and DropCatch auctions,” says J.Z. of Winsconsin.

“He’s a very smart kid but he eventually gets bored by not interacting at school with other kids, plus Mrs. Smithers isn’t the best tele-teacher to be honest. Bobby keeps track of how fast Alibaba1 and First2Tango try to outbid me,” adds J.Z., smiling.

Dozens of other enterprising parents delving in domain names do the same. Whether it’s having their teen kids skim through droplists for the best domains, or following up with domain inquiries, the extra domainer muscle is definitely appreciated.

There are some drawbacks, however.

“My son responded to a serious inquiry that arrived with a solid five figure offer, telling the guy ‘sup with that lowball brah’ in that first email. We never heard from him again,” says M.C. of Peoria, adding: “I had to spend time educating my 14 year old how to talk to potential customers via email, he only used Snapchat before!”

If you need additional resources for your domain business, but don’t have kids, some parents might rent them to you.

Jim T. is a domain entrepreneur, blessed to have four sons and two daughters, and they are all proficient in the fine art of domain investing. Jim rents them out as consultants for quick tasks, from database normalization, to data extraction from web sites, to the occasional mailbombing of your competitor brokers.

Who said homeschooling could not be fun? 😀

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