Killer keywords : More .KW #domains dropped by Future Media Architects

A few months ago we scooped the transition of Future Media Architects (FMA) under new management.

That move was the result of a family feud that brought brother against sister, and the ensuing lawsuit ended with the removal of co-founder Elequa from the executive board of FMA.

Since then, the company has been dropping its Kuwaiti domains en masse. It’s clear that these .KW domains are no longer the focus of FMA, which has amassed an impressive portfolio of mostly .com and .net domains, some of which – LLLL .com domains in particular – were sold to Chinese domain investors.

So what are the most recent .KW domains that FMA let go?

We found the following killer keywords in a fresh report:

These domains, if they were .com, would be extremely valuable, but their .KW ccTLD rendered them worthless – at least, to the savvy FMA officers.

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One Response to “Killer keywords : More .KW #domains dropped by Future Media Architects”
  1. BullS says:

    Killer keywords , isn’t that what KW stands for?

    Killer keywords but sheeety extension.

    Shalam Assalam.

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