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#Kinetik .com : Is this the next #Tesla sized #domain sale coming up?

Kinetik is a Bulgarian electric car company, and they are growing very fast. Kinetik operates from the domain KinetikAutomotive, not Kinetik.com.

The company has just launched a very limited edition of its first zero emissions EV sports car, and it looks super sexy.

Almost everything in the Kinetik 07 car is 3D printed, with over 90% of the car’s OS software developed in-house. The Kinetik 07 features 480 kW power, a minimum 800 Nm turning force; it accelerates to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds, which the team has the ambition to reduce by an extra 10%.

Why Kinetik 07? There will be exactly seven vehicles made – so far there is no price disclosed.

When Tesla.com sold for $11 million dollars, it demonstrated the importance of owing the matching .com of the brand. We ran a poll in 2014 about how much is Tesla.com, and only 25% of the voters said it’s worth more than $10 million dollars. 😀

So how much is the domain name Kinetik.comwhich is listed for sale – worth?

The 1998 domain registration is a great fit for several other brands worldwide that include “kinetik” as part of their name, and it seems that the right time to get Kinetik.com is now – before the Bulgarian automotive company grows any bigger.

Kinetik 07 – Photo by Mariana Dimitrova on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mediamix68

Let’s take the same poll about the value of Kinetik.com as we did with Tesla five years ago! 🙂

How much is the domain name Kinetik.com worth?

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