Kiwi man wastes good lunch money on domain

Proud owner.

A man from New Zealand tossed a perfect lunch into the garbage, after deciding to register the domain instead.

Auckland meme-lover, Samuel Chatwin, skipped lunch after a Donald Trump tweet about “Covfefe” went viral.

“Spending $22.99 to get this piece of junk domain was a non-brainer,” said Samuel Chatwin.

“Me and my friends could afford to lose some excess weight, so who really needs food when a domain is available?” exclaimed Chatwin.

Hundreds of domain investors around the world are placing all their bets on Covfefe domains.

Chatwin would consider a nice offer, in order to get rid of this absolute gem of a domain:

“As long as some poor sod offered me two grand, I would part with this beauty, otherwise, don’t bother – it’s a keeper.”

Surely, the homeless and the hungry of Auckland, New Zealand, could use a domain or two to munch on, as well.

Meanwhile, is available to register.

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  1. Did you now the kiwi bird can’t fly, just another dud

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