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Kraft Foods sabotages Australian delicacy – Fabulous to the rescue

When it comes down to food brands, US based Kraft Foods, Inc. is the absolute giant.

Owning such brands as Philadelphia cheese, Kool-aid, Nabisco, Kraft, Maxwell House, Lacta, Tang, LU and Dentyne, this mega-corporation is also the mother company of Starbucks.

With more than $48 billion in revenue during 2009, Kraft Foods, Inc. literally exists in every brand that lands on your table. Just check their product factsheet.

Although Kraft Foods, Inc. has been accused of producing genetically engineered foods or other conspiracies, the sheer number of products spanning from drinks to dairy to candy make it impossible for the average consumer to avoid them, much less boycott them.

A quick search with DomainTools reveals that Kraft Foods, Inc. manages more than 2,500 domain names, which makes Kraft Foods, Inc. a rather large domain portfolio holder. It appears that their registry of choice is Register.com – the second oldest domain registrar in the world, after Network Solutions.

But is Kraft Foods, Inc. – an all-American corporation – trying to sabotage Australia’s most known delicacy?

No, we don’t mean roasted kangaroo tail, we are talking about vegemite.

Several generations of Australians have grown up with this salty, tangy yet tender yeast extract paste that resembles jam, since it was introduced in 1922.

Sixty years later, Australian group “Men at work” sang about a “vegemite sandwich” in their 1982 hit, “Down Under“.

With all that popularity and staple food status of vegemite in Australia, it’s very odd that Kraft Foods, Inc. has disabled the epitome of all things vegemite: Vegemite.com

The domain does not resolve and thus a large number of type-in traffic is lost in the “dark blue sea” of Australian Internet.

It’s clearly a foolish act by the food giant, that seems to have neglected this particular brand for the entire world.

Not all is lost, however. Most likely Fabulous.com will soon be contacting Kraft Foods, Inc. and inform them of this situation – the Fabulous guys will surely do a better job than Register.com

Have you ever had a vegemite sandwich?

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4 Responses to “Kraft Foods sabotages Australian delicacy – Fabulous to the rescue”
  1. What a travesty!!! I did notice that http://www.vegemite.com.au is resolving though. Australian users are more inclined to type in the .au extension; still I’m sure they have someone smart enough there to figure out they could redirect the traffic from the .com to the .au. Then again, as they say, never assume!

    For those readers that have never tried Vegemite, word of warning, it does pack a punch flavour wise, so don’t smother it on your sandwich/toast, all you need is a thin layer/spread.

    Now I’m off to make myself a Vegemite sandwich! 😛


  2. fizz says:

    Mike, ever tried a Vegemite sandwich with banana slices on top? Sweet and sour – very nice!

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    I’ve tried vegemite and I must say it’s an acquired taste 😀 But I’m certain it’s also very nutritious and thus useful. Nicole Kidman looks so healthy! 😀

  4. No fizz, I’ve not tried that combination before. I’ll have to give it a go some time.
    Lucius – why do you think I look so youthful? Years of Vegemite sandwiches. LOL

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