Kudos to XYZ Registry : Kicks malware scammer’s butt

.XYZ domains

The XYZ Registry promptly disabled a scammer’s attempts at phishing and causing financial loss, utilizing fake malware warnings.

Using a recently registered .XYZ domain, the scammer created a subdomain under it, then bought ad space at various Yahoo! networks.

The subdomain would display a fake Microsoft page, freezing the web browser with a pop up that claimed the computer is infected, and a phone number to call for assistance – which is definitely not Microsoft.

Upon reporting the domain, the XYZ Registry froze it, reinforcing a company policy that addresses such issues in a prompt manner.

Definitely the right attitude towards maintaining security and safety on a popular new gTLD; dot .XYZ is not on the list of the 10 most dangerous TLDs and it hasn’t been in more than a year.

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