Kyon : Greek entrepreneur rolls out GPS-enabled pet collar at CES 2017

Kyon (kee’-on) is the ancient Greek word for “dog” and now the name of a company producing a GPS-enabled pet collar.

The Kyon tracker collar can locate your dog in three dimensions, as it incorporates a 9-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, 2 x temperature sensors, and altimeter (barometric pressure sensor.)

Weighing a mere 60 grams, the Kyon collar combines the basic collar function with advanced technology to locate your pet at all times, providing useful information on its health, mood and activity levels.

Its charging dock operates as a beacon, communicating frequently with the collar, the mobile app and the Kyon server, via Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.

More than 10 million pets are lost every year, says Leon Yohai, Greek co-founder of Kyon.

The Kyon pet collar can notify the dog’s owner if it goes missing, or when the dog oversteps its allocated boundaries. It also features a display that identifies the dog’s mood and can track its temperature as well.

The Kyon pet collar comes in different sizes and a variety of colors. The company is currently attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES2017) in Las Vegas, and can be found at stand #45724 – or via their web site at

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