Lana Del Rey does well but domainer Ken Greenwood has got hidden talent

Developer Ken Greenwood can sing.

Lana Del Rey appeared on SNL yesterday, performing her hit “Video Games” in a well received session.

The classy, beautiful and talented daughter of domain investor Robert Grant, drew scorn from talentless and less attractive performers – but she should not let these jealous statements affect her dreams.

Go Lana! ๐Ÿ˜€

Meanwhile, domain developer Ken Greenwood, creator of top domain research tool ZFBot released a series of YouTube videos, in which he not only plays kick ass acoustic guitar, but also sings.

While living in NYC for several years, Ken was the lead singer/guitarist.

Ken still plays out in South Tampa doing acoustic shows and it’s evident from the video belowย  that he’s no rookie – despite simply recording it with an iPhone!

Great stuff, Ken – onto your first commercial CD!

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