#Lawball : While LLLL .com #domains drop like flies, a criminal attorney offers $25 dollars

A bunch of second tier four letter (LLLL) .com domains dropped, and are being offered up via DropCatch options.

It’s unclear what made these beauties expire and drop, but the crash of the Chinese domain market, also known as “Chips,” is a good indication.

Domains such as QQME.com, RCIV.com, RPAM.com, UTBB.com, QQFO.com, WHNQ.com, RQQI.com, MKZI.com, QNLI.com, MSJI.com and other “junk” letters are being bid on via DropCatch.com.

Current prices range from $99 to $550 dollars, but with almost a day left, expect these auctions to end up much higher.

While these second tier, LLLL .com random letter domains are still getting bids into the hundreds of dollars, a criminal attorney made a lowball offer of $25 dollars.

The offer was for a quality, western letters only, ten years plus LLLL .com. Upon quoting a price in the mid four figures, he responded with the word:


But is it really ridiculous to seek high four, or even five figures for aged, quality letters, or does an offer of $25 bucks by an attorney demonstrate their ignorance?

Alas, quite often, even law veterans such as this almost septuagenarian criminal attorney, are unable to understand the function and benefits of short domains, and we are not going to force it down their throats.

So now we have a new domain term: Lawball – when the lowball offer is made by an attorney! 🙂

Lawball offers – Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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3 Responses to “#Lawball : While LLLL .com #domains drop like flies, a criminal attorney offers $25 dollars”
  1. George says:

    I think you need to ask for a lot more. Your offer needs to be as high as the lowball offer is low. So if he is offer 1/50th of a reasonable offer, then you should make the price 50x that of a reasonable selling price.

  2. DomainGang says:

    George – Great strategy! Compete with the loon on who appears crazier! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Generally speaking, attorneys are some of the most ignorant people out there despite their attainment of a higher education. I mean, look at all those attorneys in Congress trying to run the USA!

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