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Le Figaro: French giant’s UDPR for Figaro.Club was denied

Mozart would be proud of this UDRP decesion.

Mozart would be proud of this UDRP decesion.

Le Figaro is a French giant in the media industry; their newspaper has been publishing a daily edition under the historic name LE FIGARO in France since the 1800’s.

Not only do they own a bunch of trademarks, but these marks are strong, established and famous outside of France.

It was therefore logical that they rushed to file a UDRP against the domain Figaro.Club, but they did not expect the outcome, we’re sure.

The Figaro.Club registrant pointed out that the term “Figaro” is the name of a well-known literary or fictional character which originated with Pierre Beaumarchais.

Furthermore, they pointed out that the Complainant does not own exclusive rights to the mark, nor any of the domains Figaro.com, .org, .us or .ca.

Expanding on their approach to defending the domain Figaro.Club, the Respondent stated that they are making legitimate use of the domain:

“The Respondent also contends that he does have a legitimate interest and right to the disputed domain name. The Respondent and his fellow club members were associated with a particular café in New York City dating back to the 1960’s, which operated under the names Le Figaro Café, and Figaro Café. The Figaro Café was located in the West Greenwich Village at the intersection of McDougal St. and Bleecker St..”

The panelist for this UDRP delivered a result worthy of the plot of Mozart’s ‘Marriage of Figaro‘, and ordered the domain Figaro.Club to remain with its Registrant.

For the full text of the UDRP decision on Figaro.Club, click here.


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