Liberation date: When your desired domains fail to become available

Did you expect a domain to delete upon expiration, becoming available to re-register?

Dream on.

This old-fashioned expectation hasn’t really happened in two decades of domain backordering; domains that expire and drop are quickly snapped up using commercial services.

Such platforms include DropCatch, SnapNames, and Pool. Domain names are auctioned off on these platforms, or GoDaddy and NameJet.

Long story short: there is no “liberation date” for domain names that might hold potential value to investors.

A sad review of by a dejected visitor reveals the level of ignorance shared by wannabe domain registrants. Says the review by Israel:

They are like villains. Bad guys. Their work is buy domiains whith great value for resell you.

I was monitoring the liberation of one domain in, but they buy before liberation date and want to buy that domain much more expensive that the namecheap price.

The namecheap price is like U$15.00 but they want to sell at U$1,000.00. Bad guys.

Naturally, Dan & has nothing to do with all this. does not acquire domain names, as it only provides a sales venue for domain investors. does not have any control on the asking price of these domains, that can be $100 dollars or $100,000 dollars.

Unfortunately for Israel who left this negative review, there is no “liberation date” for the domain he’s been eyeballing for a while. Getting it for $15 at NameCheap was never an option.

At least, is—currently—available.

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