: Chinese registrar Ename uncooperative in stolen domain case

We have received an update on the stolen domain name,

The Chinese domain registrar, Ename, is not cooperating with requests to return the stolen domain name,, to its lawful owner.

The former registrar, GoDaddy provided ample evidence that the domain was transferred out unlawfully but Ename won’t return, alleging that everything was completed properly.

GoDaddy, however, has acknowledged that it has been unsuccessful in contacting the current registrant of via the phone number or address, which is presently hiding behind WHOIS protection; the address and phone number are therefore fake.

“Registrant” is a euphemism here, as it should be “thief“, “criminal” and “vagabond” hiding under a fake WHOIS after stealing and attempting to sell it on the Chinese auction platform, 4.CN.

GoDaddy reported the fake WHOIS info to Verisign, and complained to Ename; there is no update about this and the lawful owner is also considering legal action.

If your domain name was stolen, here’s a checklist to peruse, if you want to raise awareness about the theft to the media.

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One Response to “ : Chinese registrar Ename uncooperative in stolen domain case”
  1. Steve says:

    I am trying to access an account at and the emails keep bouncing back. Login info has been updated/changed as they say their system was hacked and they needed to reset things. I need to get control of a .cn I paid for.
    Still the wild “east” when it comes to Chinese domain registrars.

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