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Lightly.com – Saga of a stolen domain continues as bogus web site is set up

The thieves of Lightly.com hiding behind unverifiable WHOIS information, have now set up a bogus web site about kids stories.

George Hong of Guta.com pointed out that every domain hosted in China needs to be registered with the Chinese government; the ICP number at the bottom of Lightly.com is shared with other web sites.

This sneaky – and stupid – attempt at misleading visitors at Lightly.com proves that the thieves are getting nervous, particularly as the legitimate owners are engaging in legal action.

From extensive research we’ve conducted, it appears that sales, flips and exchanges of stolen domain names occur regularly on the Chinese market places 4.CN and ename.com; the latter, is also a domain registrar and has refused to return the stolen domain name Lightly.com to its owner.

Lightly.com is a stolen domain name.

Lightly.com is a stolen domain name.

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