LLLL .com mega-sale : Your only chance to get them directly from the “domain chips” King!

It’s true: Dutch domain investor, Tim Schoon, is credited with coining the “domain chip” reference.

Domain chips are four letter domains made of every letter in the alphabet, except for vowels and the letter “V”.

They are popular among the Chinese domain investors, for this very reason.

And now, Tim is selling a bunch of those on eBay, without a reserve.

Let me repeat that last part: without a reserve. 😀

There are more than 150 domains listed, and many – but not all – are “Chips.”

Plenty are aged, and without a reserve, you just might get a great deal!

The auction ends in 2 days, so if you really want to get a LLLL .com that is both aged and valuable, head over to Tim’s eBay auction and place a bid.

Domains for sale by Tim Schoon.

Domains for sale by Tim Schoon.

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