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Logan Flatt and Mike Mann share their latest long tail #domain sales

Two prolific domain industry professionals shared their recent long tail domain sales, and here’s the juice:

Mike Mann proudly announced the sale of the domain ThreeLittleBears.coma three worder – for $4,100 dollars.

Mike’s cost was a mere $70 bucks, back in 2017:

“Three little domain bears sold ThreeLittleBears.com $4100. Purch 3/15/17 $70.”

Meanwhile, Texan domain investor Logan Flatt accomplished a 3,031% ROI with the sale of BurgersNearMe.com – another three worder!

Logan’s sale was at $940 dollars, for a cost of just $30 bucks back in 2016. He still owns the similar domain HamburgersNearMe.com, if anyone is interested.

Not surprisingly, FrenchFriesNearMe.com is also registered but recently expired. 😀

Long tail domains can be a mouthful – Photo by Rohit Rao on Unsplash

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