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Long tail #domains : Time to play fair!

It’s time to play fair, says Spotify, openly accusing Apple of favoritism and of bullying the app market.

Spotify, the popular streaming music service, has filed  a formal complaint against Apple with the European Commission, and is making a public relations push.

To do that, Spotify registered the domain TimeToPlayFair.com and is using it to demonstrate how Apple favors its own services, and blocks others from competing against them.

For example, fact #1 from Time To Play Fair dot .com:

“Apple requires that certain apps pay a 30% fee for use of their in-app purchase system (IAP) – as is their prerogative. However, the reality is that the rules are not applied evenly across the board. Does Uber pay it? No. Deliveroo? No. Does Apple Music pay it? No. So Apple gives the advantage to its own services.”

Such “long tail domains” have an effective reach to consumers via Google searches, on top of the viral effect. To complain about a service, this approach produces more results than using, for example, “sucks” suffixes in domain names.

Check it out, at Time To Play Fair by Spotify.

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