Looking for friends? FriendSeeker.com joins the #Domain King’s stables

Rick Schwartz lashed out at AI-driven tools that churn out automated domain valuations, sharing the news of his total earnings from the sale of BestOdds.com.

The Domain King’s earnings will hit $3.6 million dollars, with $1.8 million in cash and 10 years of royalties totaling another cool $1.8 million dollars.

Rick’s beef with Estibot was the valuation of BestOdds.com at a mere $730 bucks! Other automatic appraisal tools don’t fare better either.

In other news, Rick Schwartz was the winner of the DropCatch auction for the domain FriendSeeker.com. The auction closed two days ago at $1,099 dollars, per NameBio.

Rick’s been active on DropCatch, getting Watchers.net at the auction that followed the domain’s drop.

If you want to be Rick’s friend, listen to his advice! 😀

Rick Schwartz – In the money

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