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Loss for the Cowboys means more traffic to the .com

The Cowboys have lost their logo creator.

The Cowboys have lost their logo creator.

The multi-domainer acquisition of Cowboys.com a few years ago, has received its fair share of traffic spikes; once in a while, the news about the Dallas Cowboys contribute to that.

As a joint venture, Cowboys.com currently serves as a dating web site for gay men, particularly the ‘good old boy‘ type. Nothing wrong with that, whatever rocks your boat.

News of the passing away of Jack Eskridge, creator of the iconic Dallas Cowboys logo in 1959, will most definitely make traffic to Cowboys.com spike once again. After all, even the most loyal fans – and there are 5.3 million of them on Facebook alone – would often type Cowboys.com in the browser.

It’s events like this, that probably make the Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, wish he hadn’t pulled that ‘stunt’ in 2007.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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