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Lucky domain: Number 8.CO auction at $36,000 currently

8.CO is being auctioned currently.

8.CO is being auctioned currently.

The auction for the premium numeric domain 8.CO is ongoing at the Heritage Auctions; the current bid of $36,000 dollars is a clear indication of its anticipated result.

To any potential Chinese domain investors, domains with the number “8” are considered very appealing, as the number 8 is associated with the Chinese equivalent for “prosperity” and “wealth.”

Additionally, the “8” figure is often used as a representation of infinity, and endlessness – both positive elements for any business.

The dot .com equivalent is reserved by ICANN, so whoever uses 8.CO in commerce should not experience any traffic leaks.

The auction for 8.CO will last until February 9, 2015.

There are two ways to join the Heritage Auction for 8.CO:

For more information about the auction, you can view this informational brochure in PDF format.

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