: #Domain brokerage Lumis shares impressive list of closed deals

Lumis, operating from, is an established domain brokerage co-founded by brothers Hobi Michalec and Slade Michalec, along with Keith Richter.

The core focus of Lumis is to assist end-users secure their brands – a proven driving force in the industry demonstrated by an impressive list of more than 400 deals they have closed on behalf of their clients.

The list of domains brokered on behalf of clients by Lumis contains some gems, such as:

  • Short domains:,, and – plus many more
  • Dictionary domains:,,, and – and many more
  • Many other .com domains, along with .co, .io, .ai and other TLDs

To view the full list of domains shared by the Lumis domain brokerage, click here.

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