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Lumis #domain newsletter : Taste the Astounding Wind in Motion – all .COM

Lumis has dispatched its latest domain newsletter, with several top tier domain names available through the brokerage.

Typical for single word, dictionary domains, these domains arrive with an asking price in the thousands of dollars.

Here’s the list of domains exclusively under brokerage by Lumis.com, co-founded by brothers Hobi Michalec and Slade Michalec, along with Keith Richter.

Lumis domain brokerage

Motion.com – $800k
Taste.com – $650k
Talon.com – Six figures
Wind.com – $500k
Supportive.com – $225k
Behave.com – $150k
Narco.com – $50k
CreditSecurity.com – $50k
FreshStart.com – $45k
Astounding.com – $24k
AirPollution.com – $12k
Easter.io – $10k

Some great names on that list!

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