Marchex wastes Hottest Domain of the Year – plus Viral Video

Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Royal Wedding of 2011

Marchex owns an impressive domain portfolio of thousands of quality domain names – but this time around, boy, they have screwed up big time.

We are talking about the hottest domain name of the spring season; if it were owned by Frank Schilling he would be cold-calling the British Royal family every day. 😀

Instead, Marchex chose to park with the worst possible choice of a landing template.

When it comes down to parking, plain landing pages supposedly convert better, but this one is a sore loser.

A small, mini site linked to an affiliate selling mementos of the upcoming British Royal wedding on April 29th would be many times better.

Prince William and Kate Middleton constantly occupy the headlines of major news sites, often surpassing somber news such as the Libyan crisis and the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Meanwhile, enjoy the hottest viral video on the Internet right now 😀





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