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Master domainer: Like a Boss!

Domaining is a form of art.

Many claim to have mastered it, but the truth is they are just using “paint by numbers” techniques, the stuff that you’ve already learned at kindergarten.

That’s not how one becomes a master domainer, however. Without domain mentoring, you will always end up getting the short end of the deal, owning a worthless domain portfolio of “pigeonshit” domains.

To become “boss” and master your domains, you need to switch to using the top tools of the domain industry.

Ajax Dremel, CEO, mentor and anti-circumcision advocate has a tip or two for you, and with his course you will be domaining “like a boss.”

“Years of research have shown that my course is the best, and that others don’t know what the hell they’re talking about,” said Ajax Dremel. “It feels good knowing that I’m the numero uno domain investor. Not to brag, but I can also suck myself off, took years of practice!” exclaimed Dremel.

Wow. What can we say, other than “thanks but too much information, Ajax!”

Try it today. Ajax Dremel’s course, that is.

Domaining. Like a boss.

Domaining. Like a boss.

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  1. Tony says:

    Thanks for making me spill my coffee!

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