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Master of his #domain : SEO guru grabs .com after squatter drops it


Scott Hendison is an Internet consultant, SEO guru, and founder of Search Commander, a search engine optimization services provider.

He’s now master of his domain as well, as he has just registered ScottHendison.com.

What kept Scott from getting his matching domain name, is a squatter – a person who registers people’s names and those of trademarks or brands, expecting a handsome profit in return.

According to Scott Hendison, that person offered to sell him the domain for $5,000 dollars, “years ago.”


From a WHOIS search we were able to see that the domain was indeed parked and for sale by several people between 2007-2020, with the latest registrant being in Russia. He let the domain drop.

Congratulations Scott, and what a patience! πŸ˜€

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