: #Domain value changed thanks to new real estate norms

The domain is in the NameFind portfolio, a GoDaddy-owned group of approximately 1 million domains. Its value has probably changed downwards, from its current asking price of $11,999 dollars.

Due to recent calls for social changes to promote racial equality, Realtor organizations across the US are dropping the name “master” from “master bathroom.”

The Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) no longer uses the word “master” to describe bedrooms and bathrooms on its Multiple Listing Service (MLS.)

Earlier in June, HAR replaced the phrases “master bedroom” and “master bathroom” with “primary bedroom” and “primary bathroom” on its property listing database.

Although the word “master” has not been banned, the change reflects a trend that eventually becomes the new standard.

Meanwhile, the matching domains and were recently registered.

The first one forwards to the HAR/MLS listings of Texas-based Realtor, Armando Buchanan, who no doubt enjoys extra traffic due to the viral nature of these changes. is being auctioned at GoDaddy, while its replacement is listed on Afternic.

Times are looking hard for, next. – Photo by Stas Svechnikov on Unsplash

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